Frequently Asked Questions

Websites and other services related questions

There are certainly plenty of questions that our customers ask us from time to time. We have tried to answers questions as per our service categories. If you are unable to find your question answered in the following, please send us your question through contact us page and we will answer it for you.

Static and Dynamic Websites

Major differences are:

Simple website: It is low cost, quickly made website. It has only 5 pages and all essentials of a modern website. It doesn't allow for design change. Emails cost extra.

Static website: It costs a more than a simple website but gives you more flexibility.  It has 15 pages and all essentials of a modern website. It allows for design change. 2 emails are included.

Static websites are planned and done as small websites with very limited pages. Static websites are not equipped with advancement tools such as blog and preparation for SEO. Dynamic websites essentially have more pages and have a blog option. Dynamic websites are always planned in advance to utilize any future SEO tools and strategies.

No there is no contract for any of our static, simple or dynamic website. We strive to provide best website services. If you like our services, we know you will be our long-term customer. If you find an area where we can improve; we are very open mined and will like to hear from you and solve your issue as fast as possible.

Yes. All our websites are made totally responsive, no matter what the basic website category is.  From simple to eCommerce websites, all are designed responsive.

Because we custom design all websites! We take pride in understanding our customer's needs in person and designing the website as per their needs. We do not use any templates and are able to change any design element as per our customer's requirements.