Website designing – What will change in next 2 years?

Website designing – What will change in next 2 years?

Things that will change in website designing in next 2 years.

It is now irrevocable. Website designing will change a lot in next 2 years. Website designers will need to move very fast in learning and implementing new requirements for their customers.

If any website designer need to stay in business…

What will change in future websites in two words: Interaction capability!

A lot of websites that are pretty looking and just showcasing an owner’s idea will not cut anymore. Website designing will require interaction in the form of audio, video, functional processing forms, visual tours, video interaction requirements, virtual and augmented reality etc. will be certainly required.

Ability to interact and move towards a decision will be really appreciated in the websites. It might be two-way interaction or artificial interaction.

Payment features for websites selling products or services will be totally required and will be bare minimum to begin with. All websites will be e-commerce!

Let’s see things in detail that most probably will change in website designing.

Website Design Changes

  • All website will be responsive. The cell-phone activity will dramatically increase for surfing and buying. Some experts are guessing it to reach up-to 80%. No business owner should even think of creating a non-responsive website.
  • More and more logos will be animated and somewhat interactive.
  • More server spaces will be required. People will move towards VPS servers because of their personal content almost merged with the websites.

Website Content Changes

  • Multiple help and FAQ platforms will be part of content.
  • Videos (training and how to) will be part of regular content.
  • Most of the images will be processed in WebP format.
  • Content itself will be highly dynamic.

Website Function Changes

  • A lot more review and rating options will be required in terms of product and service.
  • Webinar and video conferencing will be added as a tool to many business websites.
  • Website’s back-end interaction (emails, texts etc.) will be more integrated on behavioral basis.
  • Chat integration will become a norm.
  • Appointment booking mechanisms will certainly gain momentum.
  • A website will be required to be found through voice search functions.
  • The simplicity of a function will win over the complexity of a design.
  • A lot of augmented functionality will be added complementing virtual functionality. (Think of bike simulators and clothing trial rooms)
  • Interactive capability to sign documents online will be more and more utilized.

Website Safety and Hardware Changes

  • More website safety features will be introduced for audio, video and virtual interaction platforms.
  • Systems and hardware will change. A lot of monitors (I assume) will come with the webcam.
  • CDN (Content Delivery Networks) will become popular.

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We at Marvel Websites in Edmonton are always think of new and helpful changes for our customers. We are technologically ready with lots of our own products and back-end to support rapid changes that are taking place or will take place in website design industry.

You are welcome to schedule an appointment to see what we can do for you, ask questions you might have and help us know you more!

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