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Edmonton SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) agency in Edmonton

Edmonton SEO Services with guaranteed leads.

Are you looking for SEO services in Edmonton?

We offer SEO services in Edmonton with SEO expertise and guarantee that no one can offer!

Improve your ​return on investment and transform your business from presence to profit. We offer SEO services in 3 packages in Edmonton and surrounding cities. We cover all 4 types of SEO typically known as on-page SEO, off-page SEO, technical SEO and local SEO to give you the best results possible.

 We improve your website’s organic search rankings in Google. We offer SEO results for 50 keywords and unlimited long-tail phrases with a guarantee to rank on the first page of Google. We use various search engine techniques and strategies to also guarantee a minimum number of leads per month starting anywhere after 3 to 6 months of SEO work. 
View some SEO examples in our slideshow on the portfolio page.

Free Website SEO Audit by Edmonton SEO Expert Team

We offer a free SEO audit and report of your website as a part of SEO services in Edmonton, explaining all the good and not so good parameters of your current website. Free website audit is done with three best-in-class software tools to find out biggest SEO improvement opportunities in your website. Book a free up to 2hr consultation to have a a better SEO performance idea about your website. 

Free SEO Audit

What do we offer in SEO services?

SEO Services Edmonton- Packages

We offer 3 website SEO packages for small, medium and large websites.

  1. SMALL for the starting / established but small websites.
  2. MEDIUM for the medium sized websites.
  3. LARGE for eCommerce and large websites.

Important to note; We offer to optimize 50 primary keywords in each of our SEO packages while offering SEO services in Edmonton and around. It means we don’t optimize your website for merely 10 or 15 keywords. We search for the most important 50 keywords of your industry and we will optimize those words! In addition, we will also add an unlimited number of long-tail keywords for your business. A unique offer that only we provide! That means all those keyword combinations that you crave within your SEO results, you can give us to optimize!

SEO Small Websites

$1100/- per Month

SEO Medium Websites

$1800/- per Month

SEO Large Websites

$2800/- per Month

*There is no setup charge if the website is designed by us, otherwise there are set up charges in each package.

All pricing is based on service per website. If you would like to have SEO for two or more websites, please contact us. In case a change in website design is required for the small website, it is still charged according to the website and SEO requirements.

Contact us

What makes us different than other Edmonton SEO ​companies?

We have years of experience in SEO services. Our SEO services includes keyword research, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, technical SEO, local SEO and more. ​Several things set us apart from other SEO companies in Edmonton. First, we have a team of experienced professionals who know how to optimize your website for search engines. Second, we are truly dedicated to the success of our clients. We are the only SEO company that offers a guarantee to provide a minimum number of leads after 4th month of SEO work!

Marvel Websites is the best Edmonton SEO Agency.

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What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a systematic ongoing process of ranking your website pages on the search engine result pages. (SERPs). Done right, it is the best long terms strategy to increase your ROI and always keep your appointment diary full!

Does my business need SEO?

All businesses need SEO! In-case you are winding down, or do not want more clients then only it makes sense not to have organic traffic visiting your website and looking for your services. If you need more business and not using SEO, your competitors are probably enjoying that website traffic.

How costly is SEO?

Very costly if you imagine the possibility of missed business because SEO isn’t done on your website! The right question is how much a new lead is worth to you and what are you ready to invest to get new leads regularly. As far as price, we have three packages. You can find our SEO packages here.

Are there different types of SEO?

Yes. There are three main categories of SEO. On-page SEO that focuses on the page content, Off-page SEO that focuses on the website authority and Technical-SEO that compares the deliverability. All three are important though On-page SEO carries highest weightage.

Do we cover all four types of SEO?

Yes. Our SEO services in Edmonton cover all four types of SEO.

Someone told me I can buy links and my SEO will be good! Is it true?

No. not at all! If it was that easy, all will do it! Google takes unethical/bought links very seriously and penalizes the websites damaging all their credibility. Having said that, the proper process to build organic links is to create the well planned, authoritative content for your prospective website visitors.

Why SEO is so important?

Think in terms of searching a service provider when you need it. How quickly you want the service? You are an “Active lead” at that moment for that service provider. SEO ensures to put your business in-front of the “Active leads” that are searching for your services at that very moment. One lead can be worth $200 or $200k to you! Depending upon the value of your service, it is vital to use a strategy that presents your business to the ‘Active leads” at the time they want. SEO is the number one ongoing strategy for that!

What is local SEO?

Wonderful question! Local SEO is the process of improving your search rankings in the local area where you provide services. It is the right process for most small businesses and depends heavily on the local search terms used by the people in that area. Somewhat, the change in local language, words used, etc. can impact it. Use of Google Business Profile or Google My Business page (GMB) is one of the best tools to manage your local SEO. Using local search directories is another.

How do I know the keywords my competitor is using to rank?

We use best-in-class industry software tools to find out each keyword and related parameters such as volume, CPC etc. that your competitors are using. Once you are our client, you will know all the details.

Will our SEO in Edmonton package cover all the cities and towns around in one package?

There is always one focus city in our SEO package. We suggest that if your primary business and service city is Edmonton, we do your primary SEO for Edmonton. We can help you to have pages for surrounding cities such as Sherwood Park or Beaumont, but in case you want same SEO results as your primary service city, then it is considered as a separate location and charged accordingly. The best way to do SEO is to pick your primary service city and get SEO done for it.

I had a good website traffic before but it is slowly dropping! Why?

It can be either due to changes on Google’s core algorithm or can be due to the fact that your competitor’s website is ranking better because they are using more aggressive SEO strategy than you are using. As a fact to share, Google nearly changes it’s algorithm nearly 300-500 times a year. That’s one change daily! To keep up, you need a professional SEO services provider in Edmonton. You can track traffic by Google Analytics tool.

What is Google penalty? Does Google really penalizes websites?

Google penalty is a punishment given to the website that breaks Google’s guidelines and policies. Google does penalizes websites for breaking rules. If a website is penalized, it is completely removed from the search results. The target audience will never find it. The process of removing the penalty and reinstating is very hard, so be careful when choosing the SEO strategy and actions! An example of wrong action is to buy backlinks.

How do I know that Marvel Websites has an expert SEO team in Edmonton?

Our team is happy to answer all SEO questions instantaneously for you. Our clients are getting results and are our biggest testimonials. Usually on-page, off-page and technical SEO activities are done separately. We have in-house SEO expertise to successfully do all three types. Give us a call to clarify any doubts you might have!

What is schema mark up?

Schema mark up is the special code that helps search engines better understand your web page content. By the way, do you know that there are over 792 types of schema mark ups! Source: