Social Media Marketing

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Facebook and Twitter accounts creation and management

Facebook and Twitter are the largest social media platforms helping businesses. They do have complex functionalities and business owners don’t have time to manage these platforms.

For our website customers, we create the accounts and there are no extra account creation charges. There is monthly account management charge if service is chosen.

We also offer stand alone Facebook and Twitter account creation and monthly management services.

Choose as per your business needs and we will be happy to help you.

Facebook and Twitter

One time account creation

We will create your header graphics, set up your business logo, contact info, business page, link it with your website and give you the ready accounts so that you can manage yourself.

$300/- one time

Social Media Marketing 1

Facebook and Twitter

Monthly account management

We will plan your deals with you and periodically post and tweet on your behalf. We will keep your account functional so that your prospects get all the latest information of your business.

$250/- per month

Social Media Marketing 1