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All Inclusive Websites in Edmonton

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We have new package deal for all inclusive websites. That’s right! All inclusive website. Nothing for you to manage. It includes web design, maintenance, hosting, domain, SSL, Emails, content creation, amendments, Videos, SEO, PPC, LBM and SMM.

It also includes $250/- monthly credit towards your PPC management.

The companies that have online presence and actively want to create more digital footprint will gain maximum out of this package.

What is included?

  1. Pre-design: Domain, Hosting, SSL, Emails and Updates
  2. Design: Component design, testing and adjustments
  3. Marketing: SEO, Social Media, Videos, Email Marketing, PPC, LBM, Articles
  4. Maintenance: Monthly maintenance and management of all aspects

Have more in mind? We will include it, just let us know!

Complete peace of mind! Free up your employees for more productive activities! Get it today!

All Inclusive Websites – Much More Value!

$2199/- per Month

Free up your employees for more productive activities. We will handle all your digital business. (Monthly $250 PPC credit)

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