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Fake Email: Payment Processing Agent

This email is one of the biggest fraud online! never choose to become the payment processing agent on the basis of such emails! Never send any details!

Hello I am Mr Smith Wright the director of sales at commodities trading

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Fake Amazon Email Example

Here is the fake Amazon email example! They even have used Amazon logo! I have removed the links. Never click on the links as they will drive you to a fake website to steal your information!


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Fake Business Proposition

She is trying to create an urgency with the dollar number! Her name as I received in the email is: Adkins, Anita J. Never reply to such an email! This is just a bait email!

I have urgent and

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Fake Request for Money Via Email!

This one is really classic! Person is asking straight money! Read his text in Red!

Dear Friend,

My name is Sam Simon,I am The co-creator of The Simpsons,I was (born June 6, 1955)I am an American director, producer, writer, boxing
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