“Customer” is the one word that makes us the small business web services specialists in Edmonton, AB, beyond and defines our company’s success. Six simple rules always help us to stay focused on our customers.

1. Quality: 

Quality is no longer a premium of the brand names. It is rather an entry requirement for each and every business getting into this ever concious customer world. Without quality it is simply not possible to continue business. We ensure that all our operations from design to implementation of a website and other services are depicting the quality that is second to none! At all times! We totally understand that cost of non-quality is as high as losing the whole business itself!

2. Cost: 

We specialize in custom website services for small businesses and have served in many major cities such as Edmonton, Vancouver, Abbotsford, etc. One common thing we have learned is that small businesses do heck of a work to save what they save. If we cannot provide them our service at the most competitive price, we will not be able to serve them for long. Being a small business ourself, we realize the “COST” factor very well! We are very proud that our rates are best in the industry with the added advantages that many competitors are unable to offer.

3. Delivery: 

“On time, every time, delivery in full.” This is our mantra from sampling stage to finalizing the project. We strive and stay fully committed on the pre-agreed delivery dates. Our performance is top in the industry and measures 100% delivery results.

4. Speed: 

With the world ever changing and speeding up, we provide first custom draft of a custom website in as low as 24 hours and a full functional website in a week’s time!

5. Transparency: 

Custom website designing has many elements. Images, menus, forms, comments, blog, social media, audio, video and the list goes on! Complete transparency is our committment to our customers. We decided to have a completely transparent communication with each and every client so that they are aware of what will they get, when will they get, what are the conditions and how much are they paying. Being so transparent has helped us to retain and grow our customer base. The trust has established!

6. Reliability: 

This is the easiest rule! We just keep repeating the first 5 rules each and every time! Without fail!