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Google My Business Page Management

Google My Business Page Management in Edmonton (Actually Anywhere!)

Google My Business page is an important dynamic page complementing your business website. The worst thing we can do is to leave the page unattended and show past, outdated or currently irrelevant information!

We have seen businesses having a business address and Google My Business Page showing altogether different  business address!

Do you know that Google My Business Page now directly provides a button to your page visitors to “REQUEST A QUOTE” from you? See the “RED” circled blue button in the picture’ s left hand section!

Also It can send info of your business to your prospect’s phone with one click. Check the “RED” circled button on the right “Send to your Phone” in the picture!

Won’t you like to use Google My Business Page services to your advantage!

Your competition will sure do it!

We have helped businesses to get this button and more, such as missing the website information all together, or their operation timing is wrong or missing!

We understand that you are an entrepreneur working hard to increase your productivity and you may not have time to spend to keep all these changes current!

You can ask us and we will gladly manage this important aspect of your business for you. It is not costly either!

It only costs $79/- per month!

In this cost, we will ensure that your Google My Business Page is rightfully claimed by you, remains current and serves the purpose you want it to serve. All updates that you want to publish, will be published in time in the month.

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