What constitutes a good website design in 2023?

good website design in 2023

A good website design in 2023 is surely going to be tested against many new parameters. The technological requirements will certainly advance even further. A simple and fast user interface and overall communication of the two parties, first the website visitor and second the website owner, for the best service possibility between the two, will be a paramount requirement. Interface must be very simple, fast and self-explanatory! Thinking of the attention span of the people browsing the internet, the winning website design will be the one that can help website owner and the visitor to communicate instantly!

Good Website Design: What’s Needed

Website Loading Speed:

The website loading speed must be very high. A website taking more than 1 second to load is not good these days. Take these small actions to maintain the website speed.

Website loading speed is important

  • Avoid unwanted videos.
  • Do not load scripts you don’t need.
  • In WordPress, load only required plugins.
  • Reduce the size of the images.
  • Use WebP images if you can.
  • Use above the fold effectively.
  • Minify JS, CSS, HTML etc.
  • Use caching
  • Minimize redirects
  • Have a good hosting company

User Interface (UI): Simplicity & Clarity

Make the user interface really easy to understand and fluid to navigate. Keep the steps minimum for the visitors to complete. Web designers now have improved their techniques a lot with access to much advance tools. There are indeed many website builders for quick turn around but, building a truly top-class, strategically appealing and inviting website requires more work than ever before. Some tasks that can help are;

  • Use radio buttons rather than a drop-down if possible
  • Use action verbs in the buttons
  • Keep mobile user interface in mind
  • Make forms error-proofs
  • Ask only for the required info
  • Show absolute clear pricing
  • Consider font size, readability etc.
  • Use enough white space

Aesthetics: Visual Appeal & Branding

Plan your website well. Don’t mix up simplicity with showing less content. Remember, content is the king these days! Plan your website properly with tabs, menu items, blog articles, sections, sub-menu items etc. Show maximum content about your business. That is how you are going to be found on Google. Design navigation in a simplest way possible. A website created with a visual appeal gives a user more reasons to stay on the website for a longer period. Use your brand consistently throughout your website. Quick do’s are;

  • Keep your logo linked with your website’s home page.
  • Check that mobile view is consistent with the desktop view.
  • Use a colour scheme in flow with the logo and overall branding.
  • Plan button colour and hover effects accordingly.
  • Plan menus and sub-menu URL’s after thinking what people might be searching
  • Don’t forget to use Favicon
  • Design and brand your social pages same as websites

Mobile Responsiveness: Flexibility & Accessibility

Literally, there is no value in making a website that is poorly performing on mobile phones. Over 50% of average website traffic is mobile-base now. The design must be responsive that shows well across various devices including laptops, phones, vertical as well as horizontal, tablets and even TV’s. The internet access on desktops is reducing rapidly. A well planned responsive website will surely gain you more clicks, inquiries and ultimately more business! For a better responsive website;

Mobile Responsiveness

  • Ensure with your designer to take care of mobile view.
  • Avoid slideshows and videos unless really needed.
  • Don’t overuse shadows, gradients etc.
  • Use minimum required image size. Reduce it before uploading.
  • Audit your site for mobile view, check each functionality.
  • Just don’t use flash.
  • Avoid pop-ups.
  • Use this tag for viewing on different mobile devices. <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1″>

SEO Optimization: Visibility & Reach

Unquestionably, my favourite subject! SEO is a strategy that will give you long term results and will keep giving you leads without increasing your monthly cost. As your visibility goes higher, your cost per lead will go down and if you maintain the SEO professionally, the lead inflow will never stop or reduce in general cases. SEO is a vast subject and needs to be done right from the beginning of the website design. The four main types are;

  • On-page SEO: Focus on content (Title description, content length, relativity, images, title tags etc.)
  • Off-page SEO: Focus on EEAT – Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (Backlinks, citations, reviews, recommendations, power-content, social etc.)
  • Technical SEO: Focus on Tech (Speed, UI/US, robots.txt, Schema markup, sitemap etc.)
  • Local SEO: Focus on Local (reviews, NAP-name; address; phone, service descriptions, service area, geo-tags as applicable, local directories etc.)

Call to Action/Contact: Not One But Many

Call to action/contact is simple to understand! Every page of the website should invite the page visitors to take action to contact you. There are 10 call to action/contact references I always give to my clients. All the contact buttons, Call buttons, buy buttons etc should and are based on these call to actions. These are;

  • Phone.
  • Email.
  • Contact form.
  • Pricing.
  • Chat.
  • Appointment calendar.
  • Map.
  • Address.
  • Working hours.
  • Newsletter.

Integrated CRM with Automation: Attain and Retain Clients

Integrated CRM with Automation: Attain and Retain Clients

You remember the primary function of the website in my first paragraph; website owner and the visitor to communicate instantly!”. It is very important to complete the communication loop between the visitor and the website owner instantaneously. The sooner website owner knows what the visitor wants, sooner he can respond. And sooner a website visitor knows that his message/form/requirement has been seen by the owner with an acknowledgement, sooner the visitor will stop looking for options. Closing the loop is paramount. A CRM fulfills this function and many more. We offer our own CRM. You can check it here. Some functions are;

  • Contact management.
  • Communication automation.
  • Multichannel syncing (GMB, text, phone, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.).
  • Call recording.
  • Sales funnels.
  • Mass email options.
  • Mass uploading options.
  • Marketing automation.


Security is a key requirement of any website. All the pages and content must be served via https protocol. We are truly surprised to see websites still have insecure protocol (http) in 2023. We suggest that all website owners ensure to have https. Without https, all major search engines mark the website as “insecure”. This is your, the website owner’s, direct loss. If a visitor lands on an insecure website, he/she will certainly leave the website without considering anything else. Here are some important security considerations;

  • SSL certificates.
  • HTTPS calls.
  • Devices must have anti-virus software.
  • Keep all software updated.
  • A network must be secure.
  • Avoid sharing passwords.
  • Keep smart passwords and change them periodically.

Overall User Experience (UX):

Give your website the ultimate test! Ask yourself this question. If you were the visitor of the website, will you contact the website owner to avail the services they are showing on the website? If yes, why? If no, why? Proceed with this question in mind and improve what you can. Then ask the same question to your friends, family and other website visitors. Keep improving by;

  • Simplifying your website’s UI.
  • Adding right and multiple call to actions.
  • Ensuring to connect to all the requests.
  • Ensure to add bullet points where possible.
  • Avoid pop-ups.

Conclusion: Future of a Good Website Design

The web design has evolved to very high standards of creativity. The tools are second to none and can be integrated seamlessly to function all-in-one sort of options for a business owner and a service onlooker. It is very important for businesses to stay informed and provide all the exposure to their teams to be ahead in the game of web design.

A bit about us

We are in top 10 web designers in 2023. We are a well experienced web design company, located in Edmonton, AB. We understand that goal of a good website design is to have more website traffic and also to help as many visitors as it can. It is build for human interaction and options to communicate instantly. Our team creates websites with these fundamentals in mind. We have our own state-of-art systems from domain booking to advance CRM to always help you close the loop. We are BBB® accredited, BNI member, have good reviews on Google and Top 10 designers in 2023.

Need a good website design in 2023? We would love to hear your business requirements! Call us today 1-587-609-7050.

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