Top 10 creative ways of organically ranking your website in Google

Top 10 creative ways of organically ranking your website in Google

Having a small business is not limited to profit-making, given the practical advantage of the digital marketing processes, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) in particular. It is a digital marketing tool with a lot of capabilities that can help a company with unprecedented sales response and brand recognition.

It helps a firm increase its sales in the short as well as long run. However, the catch is the SEO process should be handled and developed well. There are so many factors that define how well the SEO Edmonton process is working. These factors contribute to website ranking. More the ranking, the higher the traffic the website gets.

Top 10 Creative Ways of organically rank your website on Google

There are some creative ways to make your website organically rank on Google and other search engines. Below are the top 10 of them.

Optimize your website for the mobile platform

It is a well-documented fact that, of late, smartphones have increased in use both in number and proportion to laptop and desktop computers and tablets. Besides, as of 2020, more than half of the world traffic was driven on smartphones.

Besides, eCommerce is in full swing, primarily due to the mobile platform. Hence, only websites that are optimum for smartphones will have a good traffic rate.

Use influence marketing

Influence marketing is not as useful as it was in the near past. However, it has not completely lost its ground. One way of making it optimum is by making the content valuable, which will increase its efficiency upon exposure.

Find someone with a lot of following on their posts and who manages the posts well on the social media platform. Create a strong content base that is highly engaging. Most such influencers don’t mind being a part of your influence marketing campaign for financial gains.

Master your skills

SEO is done onsite and offsite. In the onsite method, the articles and weblogs are directly attached to the company’s website. In the offsite SEO method, the firm promotes its products and services on third-party platforms. Most such platforms are meant for handling queries and product-related information.

Quora and WikiHow are such third-party platforms meant for exchanging information. These platforms offer subtle promotion methods; you can write informative articles and add your website’s link for more details.

Make the website responsive

One of the biggest concerns with most small and medium business websites is that they are not so well-optimized, i.e., they have problems with speed and responsiveness. Most customers go astray from a website if it does not load within a few seconds. It is because they do not find the website; thus, the brand trustworthy.

Using tools like Google Search Console can help you test the speed and the ways to optimize it.

Deploy a good content marketing strategy

Content marketing is a multifaceted method of updating the content of the firm and getting unparalleled website traffic. Using it to the fullest advantage can help your firm with the best Google ranking in Edmonton.

Writing onsite and offsite articles but not getting the right customer engagement means all efforts going into the drain.

Keeping the website content updated, newsworthy, having multiple blog posts, answering as many customer queries as possible on Quora and WikiHow are good content marketing strategies.

Optimize the web images

Images are the biggest factors that attract a visitor. Most customers will not find the website attractive if it does not have a good number of images. Besides, it is important to have images that are intriguing as well as displaying the brand ideology, product information and description, and so on.

Most small and medium-sized firms usually do not optimize their images well. Images should be adaptable for a specific resolution. They should suit the smartphone as well as computer resolutions for every screen size.

Get the brand and products displayed on other websites and blogs

Having a strong content marketing strategy will help you get website traffic pouring in from other mediums. Getting featured on other websites can work parallel to content marketing strategy.

Making others write intriguing and informative blogs about your products will help you gain unparalleled brand presence and website traffic.

Use ‘Google My Business’

Making your business look unique or a preferred one is the best way of increasing its likelihood of getting more business. Using the tool, you can put up your business information and add details and descriptions, upload images and videos, get reviews, and create posts.

With the help of ‘Google My Business,’ you can enhance your business’s online visibility. The tool shows your firm’s contact details and address.

The tool also helps users to leave feedback, complaints, and give suggestions.

Use outbound links

One of the most often ignored methods of organically ranking your website is using outbound links. It is a creative method that increases your website’s relevance. This enables the search engine algorithms to learn whom you link to and on what basis and so.

This helps you get a better ranking on the search engine.

Effective keyword research

SEO is mostly dependent on using the keywords effectively to get better blog traffic. Using all the possible keywords and as many blogs as possible can be the best way of increasing website traffic.

Some tools are also effective in helping you with using the keywords effectively.

For example, Google Search Console can help you know what keywords are the most often used, leading them to your website. SEMrush is a keyword research tool that can help you get the data as many people look up specific keywords.


Having a website is not so commercially useful unless you are getting the right amount of traffic. SEO is one of the best ways of increasing your website’s traffic. With the listed 10 creative methods of increasing your website’s organic ranking, you can get unprecedented sales output. We at Marvel Websites in Edmonton offer some of the most reliable digital marketing and SEO services. Feel free to call us on +5875571050.

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