Top 10 Benefits of the call tracking and form tracking in SEO

Top 10 Benefits of the call tracking and form tracking in SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an integral part of the digital marketing process. In the process, the written articles are posted either onsite or offsite on the company’s website. They are the detailed descriptions of the products, services, DIY tips, reviews, or the like.

SEO Edmonton can work parallel to other digital marketing tools like paid search results, social media marketing, and so on. It can also work independently. The SEO process involves advertising the brand and its products in the market. With effective SEO, you can get the right amount of business leads from prospective customers. When someone reads the blog and is intrigued to know more, they click on the backlink, which leads to the website. The potential customer has an option of either filling a form for contacting or directly calling a number.

These features are called form tracking, i.e., lead tracking and call tracking, respectively.

Top 10 benefits of using these features

You can track how well the SEO process is working

SEO is performed to get good website traffic and a proportionally higher conversion rate. The customer interest response is the intermediate of the traffic generation and conversion. The response can be noted with the help of the number of forms and calls received. This helps you find out how well the SEO process is working for you.

You can focus on the specific SEO input means

SEO is a complex process that has inputs from various directions, namely from individual SEO articles. This will help you find out what methods, marketing tactics, keywords, etc., are working the best for you. You can also find the information related to the demographics of the most frequent callers, which can help you capitalize on that specific market or optimize others.

It can help you know the peak incoming leads call time

Customers are usually busy and cannot give enough time to get in touch with the respective contact number. People tend to work for extended hours and odd shift timings. Hence, most customers call your number as per their convenient timing.

This often becomes a working pattern, and most customers call during a specific working hours’ time frame. Even customers that have filled call-back forms mention their preferred times for call-backs. Knowing the timeframe can help you find the most productive day and hour so that you can have an adequate number of working heads.

You can manage calls and important contacts well

Receiving query calls and call-back request forms means inquiries from potential customers. Losing such a customer can be a loss for the firm. Often, most inbound sales or customer service executives are busy attending to other customers. It can lead to the customer being frustrated due to an extended hold time.

Even if the customer fills up a form, they request a call-back in time, not adhering to which can lead to the loss of a potential customer. You can track calls and forms and forward them to the right department without making the customer lose interest.

You can make important decisions

Call tracking is a feature integrated with other options like the ability to track dropped calls, conversion ratio, peak call time, voicemails received, customers not contactable after the primary call, and so. Taking these factors into account, you can know whether you need to expand the contact center, employ more heads, and outsource the call-handling aspect to a third-party firm or so.

You can record calls

Getting inbound calls from prospective customers is not only limited to receiving calls, channelizing them to the different departments, and routing them to available executives. It also enables other features of VoIP telephony like call recording.

It is needless to say that the feature is useful in many ways. The recorded calls can be used as pieces of evidence, or for effective training, and so.

You can compare the effectiveness of the advertising channels

SEO is one of the aspects of the digital marketing platform. Companies that use the SEO process often also make use of other digital marketing solutions. Apart from digital marketing, traditional marketing in newspaper marketing forms is yet another method of increasing brand presence and sales output.

With the ability to compare SEO with these other marketing methods, you can find the means working the best for you and further endeavor to capitalize and optimize.

You can judge the effectiveness of your SEO operations

SEO is done for increasing the brand’s digital presence, thus, increasing its value and sales turnover. It is performed in large volumes; the SEO team writes several blogs and posts them onsite and offsite.

Often, with optimum SEO, you get unprecedented business queries and, thus, proportional sales output. SEO is a digital tool that allows you to track the number of queries and sales from each source.

You can handle your business operations well

Many companies have more than one site for handling their business operations. Often, one site performs well. With the recorded calls, you can train the employees who are lacking in performance. You can even close one site or outsource the business to another company.

It helps you define and refine your SEO

One of the things about SEO being a digital solution is that you can fetch reports and statistics on each site’s performance or blog. You can even test which keywords or what other factors are working the best for you.


SEO is just one part of the business; it helps you with effective marketing and getting a response from potential customers. Call tracking and form tracking are the following processes that help you get business output by offering sales. The article enlists the top 10 benefits of lead tracking features.

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