Importance of Favicon in Google Search Results

Importance of Favicon in Google Search Results

Importance of Favicon in Google Search Results

Importance of Favicon is changing in the near future search results as per Google.

Many SEO agencies are aware that in coming weeks there is a change coming on how the Google is going to measure the presence and importance of a Favicon for each website.

By the way, this change is already in place for mobile searches.

It will soon take effect on desktop search results as well. I have seen it happening a lot of times on the weekend in the chrome browser. It is part of a random test going on and that is what we are referring about in this article!

So what is a Favicon?

The way I want to define the word Favicon is, “A Favicon is a small image that represents the brand of a website.”

Here is the bigger and explained definition of the word Favicon on Wikipedia

Is a Favicon helpful?

Yes! Indeed it is helpful. It helps to scroll down much faster by just looking at the Favicon in the search results. If you know the favicon of the company, you are going to jump to the URL of that company and will skip the other results! Favicon helps to scan, ignore the results that don’t match the image in your memory and click on the expected image link that matches with what is in your memory.

Net outcome – User’s scanning speed and relevance! Both improve.

Are there websites without a Favicon?

We still observe websites without Favicon! It is advisable to add! Sooner the better!

How to make a Favicon?

A Favicon is a .ico file and regular programs may not generate one for you. But it is still easy.

The tip I would like to share is that use your business logo for your Favicon. Keep it square. If your logo is not a square in shape, create a square around it before making a .ico file.

To make one, there are plenty of free Favicon generators online. Just search “Free Favicon Generator” in the Google and you will see a ton.

How to add a Favicon in your website?

Again, you will find many resources that explain how to add a Favicon in your website. Just search it in the Google. My tip – add the name of the CMS you use in search.

Does it Affect Search Engine Rankings in Google?

This is fairly new change so the proven affect is not there yet. By going through the various write-ups, we believe that it can boost position of your URL anywhere between 2-5 positions.

Does Marvel Websites creates A Favicon during Design?

Yes. We have been adding Favicon in the design since many years now.

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