DIY vs. Professional Website Design: What’s the Difference?

DIY vs. Professional Website Design

Building a strong online presence for your brand is important for any type and size of business. You may have a popular brick-and-mortar store that has been attracting a large number of customers for years. While that may have worked in the past, a land-based store alone can’t guarantee growth.

Difference between DIY and Professional Website Design

Even if you are just starting with a small and creative business idea, you need a well-designed and professional-looking website to attract the attention of your target audience. Among the most common questions people ask about building websites is, “should I build a website on my own or outsource the design and development parts to a professional company”? Let’s see which is better for your business.

DIY Website Design

Earlier, building a website from scratch was a task that required professionals and coding experts. Without the advanced knowledge of programming language and HTML, you couldn’t build a presentable website. That isn’t the case anymore. With content management systems like Weebly and WordPress, businesses can develop and design a website without professional help. But, the question is, “just because you can DIY a website design, should you”? As tempting as it sounds to build your own website, it isn’t always a good idea, especially for large-scale businesses that require a comprehensive website.

Here’s why a DIY website design is a good idea.

See Your Full Website Design

The biggest advantage of DIY website design is that you get to see the preview at every stage of website development. If something doesn’t look good or match your brand, you can change that immediately. That isn’t possible when you work with website developers. Once you have handed over the task to a professional, they will take care of all the designing aspects — from choosing a suitable template to adding plugins and planning navigation.

It’s Cheaper

DIY website design can save you significantly on the web development project. It’s a good option for businesses that require a simple website for their startups or small-scale businesses. If you have a small budget, WordPress is a good place to DIY your website design project and build a high-quality and attractive website. If you hire a professional web developer for the job, you might end up paying as much as thousand dollars for the development only. Add to this the cost of maintenance, and you’ll know how DIY web development can save you in the long run.

Set Your Own Deadline

Another benefit of DIY web design is that you get to build your site at your own pace. You don’t have to worry about the developers not meeting the deadline. When you handle the project without professional help, you will get to enjoy full control over the design part. Plus, you can construct a site as slowly or fast as you like.

Professional Website Design

Even if you know the basics of website designing, there’s no way you can design a website as flawlessly as a professional does. That’s what sets them apart from DIY web designers. They have the qualifications, experience, and training to build a customized website that fits your brand style and requirements.

A professional doesn’t only consider the design elements, but they focus on marketing too. They build you a website that attracts your audience, builds engagement, and increases conversions. They make your website mobile-compatible and incorporate omnichannel capabilities to help you with business growth.

Here’s why you should hire a professional for a web designing project.

A Clean Design

The difference between a DIY and a professionally-designed website is easily noticeable. A website designed by a professional designer features a clean design, offers smooth navigation, and looks visually appealing.

Each navigation button is placed in clean and concise words in an easily understandable format. A clean design doesn’t only make your website easy to navigate, but it makes it unique to your brand. Hiring a professional developer makes sense when you are building a website for a medium-to-large-scale company.

Build a Comprehensive Website

Your website serves as the digital identity of your business. People come across your site when looking for the products and services you offer. Whether you are targeting the local audience or customers across the world, it is important that your website caters to the unique needs of all types and sizes of audiences. That’s where a professional web developer can help. They know the best hosting company, most suitable plugins, and the essential features that can speed up your website development. They can even get you hosting at a discounted price. If you are adding several features and multiple web pages to your site, it’s best to leave the design and development parts to a professional.

A Customized Website

Sure, WordPress offers built-in templates and plugins to help people DIY website designing, but how do you customize your website to your audiences’ requirements? Choosing the same templates that your competitors are using doesn’t guarantee traffic and conversions. DIY developers have limited web designing skills. In fact, chances are you are designing a website for the first time.

With millions of websites competing in the search engine, an average-looking or cluttered site won’t secure a good SERP ranking. A professional designer has the tools and skills to customize the templates, content, and other design elements to make your website unique. As a result, you get a website that does exactly what your customers expect.

Which One is Better?

Designing your website on your own is a good decision if you have basic web designing knowledge and you are a startup. However, if you consider the long-term benefits, it is always better to leave the development and designing projects to a professional web developer. They can build a customized website that looks relevant to your brand and offers the best navigation and shopping experience to your target audience. It might cost you higher than DIY web designs, but a web design agency can maximize your returns and help you become a trusted brand in the market.

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