Useful Links and Info – COVID-19

Useful Links and Info – COVID-19

Useful links and information for helping COVID-19 / Coronavirus Situations

We have put some links and information together to help navigation of Govt. Programs (CERB) in Canada, Alberta, Edmonton and companies are helping to fight the pandemic.

The COVID-19 situation around the globe is changing very fast.

Global numbers related to COVID-19, you can check it here.

Here is Canadian Govt Link for getting CERB (Canada Emergency Response Benefit) information. As per the website currently, the applications will be taken starting April 06, 2020

Here is a picture link on LinkedIn that explains the Canada Govt. announcements and programs in one sheet (CERB and EI etc.)

Alberta Govt information for COVID-19

City of Edmonton has some new rules to follow for taxis, busies, limos, Uber etc. You can check them here on the bottom of page.

City of Edmonton has removed fare / charge requirement from the ETS transit trains and busies as a response to COVID-19!

PayPal has removed its fee for “Instant” transfer to the banks for small businesses. If you use PayPal, this information might help you to decide to use the “Instant” transfer mode.

Hubspot has added 3 features for next 90 days to help businesses communicate

We are a small company but we are trying to give help to the customers as much as we can. If you are a small business and need any Covid – 19 related graphics made, we will make it free for you. Contact Us (Only email please)

If you are person helping others by yourself or for a company in Coronavirus situation and would like to add some information on this post’s by commenting, please do so!, It might reach someone in need.

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