The Modern Rules of Logo Design

The Modern Rules of Logo Design

When it comes to logo design, most professionals prefer to follow trends that are lasting and do not impact the appeal of the symbol over time. If you consider some popular logos like Nike or McDonald’s, you can see how they have remained the same since the beginning with minimal upgrades. While trends in design may change, there are some rules that have been followed since the beginning.

Golden Rules of Logo Design

To create a memorable logo, it is important to focus on elements that stay relevant for a long time and can connect with a wide audience. When you are working on a branding strategy today, you also need to think about the various digital mediums where the symbol or icon is going to be displayed. So, its essential for companies or startups to have a modern logo design that can create recognition across different digital platforms as well.

Since it’s essential to know the latest rules of logo design, here are some modern ones that you need to keep in mind before starting with the process.

Choose A Relevant Type of Logo

This is one of the most important things to remember when designing a brand symbol. The type of logo that you choose can make or break your branding strategy. There are mainly five kinds of brand design that are popularly used by companies:

  1. Wordmarks
  2. Abstract Marks
  3. Lettermarks
  4. Pictorial Marks
  5. Combination Logos

Before you begin working on the logo, you need to consider which type is relevant to the business and represents the industry or niche accurately. For instance, lettermarks are commonly chosen by companies in the legal, fashion, or financial sector. They are minimalistic, and modern and can send out the right message to the target audience. If you go with an abstract mark or mascot for a law firm, you might end up confusing people and create the wrong perception too.

So, it’s important to choose a type of logo that matches the business or brand and can last for a few years without any upgrades or changes.

 Avoid Complex Designs

When it comes to the modern rules of logo design, this certainly makes the top of the list. For a versatile brand symbol, it’s crucial to stick with visuals that are easy to understand and simple as well. You should avoid complex imagery or icons that could overwhelm the viewers. If you opt for an elaborate design, make sure that it is suitable for the brand and can work well with digital mediums. Consider any of the most well-recognized logos in the world.

You will realize that many of them are fairly simple and highlight exactly what the brand has to offer. While a good logo should make people think or talk about it, it’s essential to avoid too many colors, shapes, or symbols that may create clutter.

Know Your Fonts

The brand or company name needs to stand out among all the elements from the beginning. When you are working on the logo design, you should consider the fonts and typography carefully. For a modern or minimalist appearance, it is best to choose Sans Serif font styles that make an impact on the viewer instantly. In graphic design, this is one element that has a lot of importance.

The fonts you pick for the logo can help create a positive impression in the minds of the consumers and boost awareness too. If you have a text-based brand symbol, then you need to draw focus on appealing and relevant typography. It’s why brand owners and logo designers pay a lot of attention to different styles. When you are aware of the various fonts and their meaning, you might find it easier to create a timeless symbol that requires minimal upgrades over time.

Maintain A Balance

This is another one of the modern rules of logo design that you should follow from the beginning. The color scheme, fonts, and icons that you choose should complement each other and create a balance too. It’s a good idea to avoid a combination of bright colors with an illustration or imagery as that could appear overwhelming on digital or print mediums. You can opt for a light and dark contrast or add neutral colors in the background to maintain a balance.

To Sum Up

These are some of the modern rules of logo design that you should keep in mind before getting started with your branding strategy. In the end, it’s important to create a symbol that can make an impact on both youngsters and adults. Most people are likely to remember a logo that sends out a meaningful message in a simple way.


Guest posting by: Veronica Scott

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