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know about starter website

Starting a business is as daunting as it is exciting. The thrill of brewing success coupled with the anxieties of setbacks serves as the quintessential hot pot of novelty and zeal. However, in addition to a startup idea, various tangible tasks also follow, among which building a website is of utmost importance. As per research, 67 percent of internet users will not recommend a business with a poorly designed website. Therefore, building a website should be your top priority if you want your business to touch unprecedented zeniths. Simultaneously, almost all startups have a restricted budget, and fitting a website within limited funds can be grueling. In such a context, a 5-page website comes into the picture. A starter website or a five-page website is appropriate for businesses, especially startups, and they have been circulating in the web development industry for a long time. A starter website comprises all the primary or essential pages for a company’s or business’ needs.

All the major pages needed for visitors to get a unique and optimized experience are on a five-page website, which is clear, basic, and informative. If you’re a small business and want to control your online reputation and generate adequate traffic for search engines, a five-page website is great. So now that we’ve established the foundations of a basic website, let us get down to business.

Must have inclusions for your 5-pages starter website

As the name suggests, a five-page website includes five pages that encapsulate the utmost essential aspects. Although your company’s website goals, niche, and targets may vary, a starter website will mandatorily comprise of the following –

  • Home Page – Your starter website’s homepage defines the rhetoric of your business, its underlying nitty-gritty, and what you primarily offer. In simple words, make sure that your Home Page is all about the outline of your business coupled with links to other important pages. You can place a catchy slogan or a tagline to provide a summary statement to visitors and attract their undivided attention.
  • About Page – The About Page of your five-page website is an overview of your blog, business, company, products, and services. It is emblematic of your entire starter website, and you should make sure to incorporate as many images, videos, and GIFs as possible.
  • Products and Services Page – It is a unidirectional and straightforward approach to what your business offers in terms of services and products. It is noteworthy that the Products and Services Page is foundational to compel your audience to make a purchase or for a second visit.
  • Contact Page – It is a crucial part of how your potential clientele can get in touch with you or deem you accountable and fit to make a purchase. We can gauge the importance of a well-designed Contact Page from the fact that 44 percent of website visitors will leave immediately if they do not see any legitimate contact information. Ideally, a Contact Page for a starter website should include details like phone numbers, emails, locations, physical addresses, and likewise.
  • Gallery or Blog Page – It is a page where you can organize pictures and images relevant to your business.
  • FAQs Page – In a five-page website, you can include a page dedicated to FAQs in place of a Blog Page. The merit of such a page is that your audience or clientele receives insights and valuable information sans much hassle. In addition, they can immediately get answers to the most pressing inquiries, which ultimately increase your credibility as a business.
  • References or Testimonials – In place of a gallery or an FAQ page, you can utilize the limited sections of your five-page website to depict testimonials and references. A page solely dedicated to positive and genuine testimonials enhances the confidence among your audience and helps in customer acquisition.

Now that we have discussed in vivid detail the entailments of a five-page website let us look at the top benefits of investing in one.

Top Five benefits of investing in a starter website

  1. 24/7 Online Presence – The fundamental advantage of having a starter website for your business is that your products and services will be available to your clients 24/7. Even outside of business hours, your website will continue to find and secure new customers and retain the older ones. Having a five-page website provides your target clientele with a lot of conveniences as they can access information from the comfort of their homes without the pressure of making a purchase.
  2. Cost-effectiveness – Apart from displaying essential information, you can easily use your five-page website to see your goods and services directly to consumers. The best part is that there is no massive expenditure involved, as with a brick-and-mortar unit. Thus, the cost-effectiveness and the scope to inflate ROI are phenomenal through a starter website.
  3. Credibility – It goes without saying that credibility is the key to building a robust and long-term business. Designing a well-thought-out starter website is one of the most accessible and doable ways to elevate your company’s credibility. In today’s day and age, a reputable company must have an online presence. Potential customers would distrust a business without any contact information, and we can assert the same for not having a website as well.
  4. Customer Insights – A starter website is equipped with analytical tools that will help your business identify who your typical customers are, how they bumped across your page, their preferences, etc. The myriad of data that you are handed over through a five-page website can be skillfully appropriated to further your interests in customer retention or satisfaction.
  5. Market Expansion – A five-page website is accessible to anyone in the world, and it, in fact, cuts across barriers of space and time. Therefore, your business’s reach expands voraciously without you even making too much effort.

In conclusion, if you plan to invest in a five-page website or a starter website for your business, should be your go-to. They provide all-encompassing website solutions that snugly fit into your specific requirements.

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