Fraud Email – Parking Ticket Invoice Download

Fraud Email – Parking Ticket Invoice Download

Fraud Email – Parking Ticket Invoice Download

A new download push that suggest that you have a parking ticket invoice attached.

I recently received an email that suggests that I have to pay for a parking ticket. The invoice is attached with the email and I am asked to download the invoice.


I obviously did not download it.

Never react to such emails. Even if you actually got a ticket, don’t react to such an email because authorities will NOT email you about such incidences! Where will they get email from? Right!

Below is the “As Is” detail of the email in RED.

From Email:
From Name: Fred France
Email Subject: Parking attendant
Body of the email

Reminder To Ticket Keeper

Parking attendant #: 36667US had reasonable cause to believe that the following crime of the terms and conditions of parking occured on our client’s private land (Details of which were clearly and prominently displayed and agreed to by the driver by the act of parking the vehicle).

Parking Charge Information
Parking Charge Date: December, 18 2019
Referance ID number: E06Z12WKW
Discount You Could Have:

14 Day Early Pay Discount: $0.00
Additional Charges: $0.00
Parking Charge Amount: 

To pay for your Parking Violation download attached invoice.

parking170356153.doc (144 KB)
Remember, many fraudulent senders can use the same or small variations in the email body with different parameters of “From” and “Subject”

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