Why is digital transformation crucial for marketing?

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Digital transformation is the word most businesses have used and heard of in the last three years. While digital transformation has been in place for decades now, the pandemic and the lockdown wave have accelerated the change across businesses in different industries.

So, if your company has to take baby steps in digital transformation, there is no better time than now. But there is something fundamental in this journey. Establishing a digital culture across different departments in your organization would be best, the most important being marketing.

The leads the digital transformation in marketing is going to drive become crucial for your business and will affect your revenue and return on investment. If you are wondering why digital transformation is crucial for marketing, check out this article to know everything about it and its impact on marketing.

What is digital transformation?

The whole world is going virtual and digital, thanks to the lockdown. So, businesses are adapting to a newer world by adopting technologies that help them drive their businesses forward in the online space. This process of embedding technologies into the business model and smoothly transforming into the digital sphere is called a digital transformation. What it does to the business is make it more agile and flexible, creating a lot of new opportunities and benefits for the organization, brand, employees, and customers, all at once.

An example of digital transformation might be adapting cloud computing or introducing AI to enhance the consumer experience. So, you digitize and digitalize your business methods in this digital transformation process. In digitization, you convert all your resources to the digital world. Like you scan all the paper documents and store them on a computer. In digitalization, you use digital technologies and alter your business processes, like using new software to launch products. While these are a part of digital transformation, there is a lot more going on in this process, which also includes a mindset shift, an experimental approach, an employee and customer-centric model, and a lot more that changes your business.

Why is digital transformation crucial for marketing?

Digital transformation brings in what every business needs at this point. From getting to know the customers better to aligning your marketing and sales plans accordingly, digital transformation adds a lot to your business’s marketing values and methods. Here are reasons why your digital transformation is crucial for marketing.

Better insights

There are several reasons why digital transformation is essential for your marketing strategy. Still, the most vital one would be knowing better about your customers and getting better insights into their behaviour. Well, who wouldn’t want that?

Incorporating the digital aspects into your marketing helps you understand your customers, identify the different types of customers you have, and anticipate their actions. So, when you get precise data like that, it helps you to create better marketing plans that will cater to exactly what your customers are looking for. The better you know your customers, the better the marketing strategy and the better the results.

So, a digital transformation helps you rebuild the way you make your customers look at your brand. With a new version of your marketing, you can create a different brand image that will accurately serve your customers’ needs. The marketing department can also work hand in hand with other departments with the insights that lead to better sales.

Accuracy is the new way

As always, the customer is king. But now you know a lot more about the king and how better you could stage your products and services to the king. So, what becomes more crucial than ever is content and its accuracy. Suppose you plan and strategize what exactly your customer needs. Here is the catch. Along with accurate and trustworthy content that will reach your customers, you must deliver the content accurately when they need it.

Digital transformation helps you to know not only what content they need but also when they need it. By accurately delivering the content, you are fostering better brand-customer engagement. With all companies moving digital, the virtual world has got even more competitive, and you have to be on your toes delivering the right content and the right moment.

What digital transformation does to marketing is it creates a clearer and well-identified path, which will help the marketing team establish the next steps properly, work along with other departments with a clear idea of what’s needed and deliver customer-centric and timely content.

Unique and newer methods

For one, the world is completely changing, and you have to roll along. We are going through a different fundamental shift that will alter or has already begun altering the way we do business, the way we look at brands, and consume content. So, as an organization, your marketing strategy should show that you know what’s changing and what the updated world looks like.

So, digital transformation provides the additional tool of creating unique and newer methods to cater to customers. We are here with a hybrid model of working and connecting remotely and producing better workflows. But what we should keep in mind is that similar to our business changes, customers are going through different changes as well. So, digital transformation not only helps you create unique ideas based on the insights you get but also makes sure that all of the departments stay on the same page. It helps you create a transparent and unified digital system that ties together your internal groups and brings out what the entire team can offer.

Summing Up

On any given day, customer experience is the most critical factor for businesses. With digital transformation, it becomes all the more crucial as you take a customer-centric approach. With enhanced customer experience, meaningful data-driven insights, better collaboration across departments, improved agility, and newer methods, digital transformation takes the marketing sphere to a whole different level, and that is precisely why digital transformation is crucial and significant for marketing and could prove to be the game changer in your journey.

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