8 reasons why your website can actually hurt your business

8 reasons why your website can actually hurt your business

8 reasons why your website can actually hurt your business

Insecure protocol

If your business website is not using secure calls (SSL), Google is clearly marking the website as Insecure. Customers surely avoid if Google marked a website!

Slow Speed

A proven fact! If a site takes more than 3 seconds to load, prospects will not wait for loading. Make your website faster!

Poor or no content

If your titles, descriptions etc. are not formatted properly, it affects prospect’s understanding directly. The page content is worst if it is poorly written! Well, some mistakes don’t kill it but too many mistakes are not good!

Not mobile friendly

If your website is not mobile friendly, you are losing 50% of browsers. Better not to take this risk.

Broken Links

A broken link is the worst thing to happen once a prospect has found your website. Ensure that none of the page links are broken.

Mis-programmed contact forms

Think that a customer or a prospect takes out time to fill a form and send you. As soon as send button is hit, there comes an error because the form is mis-programmed! Ouch! Your business takes a direct hit!

Poorly maintained websites

Software and versions keep changing. We all know it. It is very complicated if you have used an old software and is not updated for a bit. Every month, there are many changes, so keep your site maintained or your customers might not be seeing what you want them to see!

Weak Social Presence

A social business presence demands weekly updates. If it is not done for many weeks, people visiting your pages think business is not involved, responsive and updated and you can get affected.

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