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What is FTP and how to use it to transfer websites files?

FTP is the abbreviation for the File Transfer Protocol that is used to send files from one computer (Local Host) to another computer (Server) via Internet. It is the medium used to publish your website once everything is ready on a local computer. It is certainly useful to transfer a large number of files because the speed of the transfer is very fast and usually there is no limit on the size of the files.

A very good, reliable, free open source FTP software is FileZilla. Either you can search Internet and download it or go on our free software resources  page and click the FileZilla logo to download.

Once you have downloaded FileZilla, it will automatically open and the window will look like below.

FileZilla FTP Client Window Without Connection

FileZilla FTP Client Window looks like this when there are no connections

It uses 4 fields to determine the authentic connectivity.

Host: Usually ftp.yourwebsite.com. If you are not sure, you can contact your hosting service and they will help you in the process.

Username: Your user name that was created when you booked the domain.

Password: Your domain password when you booked the domain.

Port: You can leave it empty. The default value is 21 in case you would like to fill.

Go ahead and put in your details and connect by pressing ‘Quickconnect’

If your connection is successful, you will see the outcome message in the black color.(#5 in the below picture) If the connection is not successful, you will see the error message in the red color.

Make sure that after connection your top of the window shows your own domain details.

FileZilla FTP Client Window when Connected

FileZilla FTP Client Window looks like this when connected

Point #6 is your local computer files zone and you can access them through this portion of the FileZilla window. Once you have accessed and finalized the files, you can drag and drop them in the #7 area which is your website live files on the server. Make sure you are dropping them in right directory/sub-directory.

Your website is ready with the new files!