Starter Websites Design

Starter Websites

Simple and affordable website design in Edmonton

Starter websites are small static websites up to 20 pages when you are just starting out.

All websites still have the impressive essentials that you need. When you are just beginning and cannot afford to be absent online, choose this option. We will design and set up your web presence including helping you to claim Google My Business if you haven’t done it so far.

When you are ready, we can add next level options in your website so upgrading to a dynamic website will be easy!


Pricing of Starter Websites have two pricing elements.

  1. One time pricing: Varies from $1500/- to $4500/-
  2. Monthly pricing: Varies from $31/- to $2399/- per month. There is a  discounted yearly payment option available.

With our new website price calculator, you can check exact website pricing by adding or removing the website components that you need, or don’t need into your one time and monthly package.

Right here, right now, online!

It is very simple and requires only clicking or unclicking  check-boxes! The price of your selection will be added or subtracted from the total price right away, depending upon you clicked or unclicked!

You can see the exact calculated price immediately!

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