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Social Media Marketing TOP 7: How NOT TO link and use it for your business website promotion

Social Media Don'ts when linking your business website

How NOT TO link your website’s social media icons in your social media marketing campaigns

Social Media Marketing is a powerful tool to market and promote your business. It is helping numerous small businesses to launch and grow. It is also very cost effective and has great estimation qualities in terms of ROI. In 2012, It is reported that right strategies for using Facebook and Twitter can boost your small business profit over 40%.

Mostly in the beginning, small business owners tend to do some easily recoverable mistakes that can cost them, at minimum, an interested prospect clicking away from their website. Here are the top 7 NOT TO DO actions when finalizing and growing your Social Media Marketing campaigns.

Do not link the social media icon back to your own website’s home page

I believe it is one of the laziest one! If you are adding social icons on your website and linking them back to your home page, seriously, what purpose are they serving? It tells that your website development company is either not doing the complete work for you or you have published your website without creating your business social media pages. Anybody who will click the link in this situation will be annoyed and chances of the person revisiting your website will greatly reduce.

Do not link the social media icon back to the home page of its own website

The person clicking here wants to see your business page and not the login information of the social media. Make sure that the person who clicked out of some interest, sees more positive information about your business without prompting him to login.

Do not open the social media website in the same window

This is just a caution. Opening a new window or tab will keep your website available in-parallel to your business page on social media where as opening it in the same window or on the top of the same tab will slightly diminish the chances of the person clicking browser’s back button and coming back onto your website right away.

Do not keep the social media non-customized and un-updated

Once you have made the social media page(s) for your business, customize it right away at-least with the cover picture and your icon. Change the numbered name of your business to the actual name. Most of the social media platforms extend this facility in their setting and profile tools. As far as the content goes, the more current it is, the more vibrant it is and more useful. Publish your content at regular intervals and give your visitors a good reason to come back to your website.

Do not sway away from your focus content

Stay focused! It is my personal favourite not because I am perfect in it but because I was weakest in it. Don’t include irrelevant content. Try to research the topics before you finalize.

Do not over-review and over-like your own content

Here I want to refer that liking and reviewing your own content at rare occasions is good! After all you should be proud that you created outstanding content! Overdoing it though will simply negate your credits and will push your prospects to think that you are over-possessive of your content and you may not be able to handle criticism!

Do not try to use every social media you encounter

It happens specially in the beginning! We feel that we need every social media that is referred by the online marketers. Very soon, managing all of them becomes an hassle and time consuming activity! Solution? Choose and start 3-4 social media platforms best suited for your business and use them to the full potential! Later, depending upon the CMS you are using, you might be able to find a single click application to publish your content on all the social medias. Use that application and expand the number of social media platforms.

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