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Email Advertising

Email advertising services

Email advertising has 2 major benefits. It is very fast and cost effective! It takes less effort, less time and delivers faster and measurable results.

If you would like to put your business in front of thousands of people in no time and will like to know who looked at it, how many times, who is a better prospect and much more, no second option actually comes closer to the Email Marketing Advertising.

One click and you will be able to send your business information, special deals, monthly discounts, anything and everything you may need on a scheduled time to increase your bottom-line.

You can fully customize the looks and feels of the newsletter you will send, choose when you will send it and choose any special customer list you may like to sent it to!

If we made your website, we can integrate email marketing for you and educate you on how to use it. (In case you missed it before)

If we did not make your website, we can offer email marketing packages as a stand-alone service where either we can create your accounts and help you to understand its usability up to the level where you are comfortable using it yourself or we can also maintain your accounts on monthly basis where we actually use it and promote your business for you. Choice is yours!

If we are in process of making your website,Good news! 6 out of 8 packages now include free email marketing integration with your website! (If you choose to have it). We will surely help you to understand its usability up to the level where you are comfortable using it yourself. OR,

You can also give us monthly maintenance and promotion responsibility if you like 🙂

Fee will be as below.

Email Marketing Packages

Account Start Up One time Fee (Only if you want it as a stand alone service) Otherwise start up one time fee doesn’t apply!


* Account Creation
* Header Graphic Creation* First Campaign Creation* In-house use Training

Buy Email Marketing Integration for Your Website.


Account Maintenance Monthly Fee (Only if you want us to maintain your monthly account)


* New Email Entries
* Create Promotion Graphic
* Event Promotion
* Product Promotion
* Promotion Video Creation
* Sending Emails to Subscribers
* Account Administration

Orders accepted only in 6 month cycles