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Custom Website Operations

Website design is not a single activity and customers usually face the challenge of providing “Out of Thought” graphic materials to a website designer to accomplish the task.

This is why we call it “Custom Website Operations” and not “Custom Website Design.” We understand this fact at Marvel Websites and are fully prepared and equipped to deal with the complexities of the job.

When you do business with us, you get a marvelous freedom to sit back and relax while we work on your project.

To work with us, you need to provide only one detail to us! Your business name and we will start taking care of the rest! Immediately.

We truly specialize in small business custom websites and are capable of extremely fast turnaround times. Usually for new static website order, if you require; we put the first draft online in a few hours and a full functional website in 7 working days! (We will have a few appointments with you to have some really involved discussions about your business) If you have business staff, you can use the man-hours for other productive jobs! If you don’t have a business staff, you will have the true freedom to use your time while we work on your website.

We will do the domain name registration, hosting, email set ups, your logo design in case you need, your graphic work, your business content writing, testing your website in all the major browsers, making sure that your website works on all the devices like computer and smart phone etc., your email marketing integration, eCommerce integration and everything else that may come in-between!

Here’s the pricing

Custom Websites  – Choice of 4 packages

1 Domain name (Secure registration)
1 yr 1 yr 2 yrs 2 yrs
2 Domain hosting (Free or refunded)
1 yr 1 yr 2 yrs 2 yrs
3 Picture processing
4 Home page /all flash slideshow
5 Custom design pages
upto 15 upto 20 upto 30 as required
6 Custom content
7 Email addresses @your domain
8 Contact form
9 Social media links / APIs
10 Free tech support
90 days 120 days 180 days 360 days
11 Google map integration
12 Responsive design – All Devices
13 Norton site verification X
14 Self-update ability X
15 QR code for your website 
16 Website visitor counter X
17 Website search option
18 Lead capture pop-up form X X
19 Free email marketing addon X X
20 Survey / Poll option X X
21 Custom Blog X X
22 Organic SEO (Start up) X X
23 Member accounts X X
24 Local directories submission X X X
25 Video inclusion X X X
26 Shopping cart X X X
27 2 year secure cetificate X X X
28 Product / Article rating system X X X
29 Product catalouge management X X X
30 Product pricing management X X X
PRICE $2579.97 $3479.97 $4199.97 $5699.97


Nearly all small business website needs are covered in 1 of our 4 packages. Our “Full Dynamic” package is the most popular and really fills up all the needs of a small business, no matter if it is a start up or already established.

We recommend it for best value of your money though you can simply chose what you need and know beforehand what you will be paying! Complete transparency! If you still would like to discuss your custom pricing needs tailored for your business or personal website, contact us!