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Custom Logo Design

Logo is the business identity!

Any business identity starts with its business logo! The more it can speak about the business in less, the better it is! Logo should be simple yet saying everything you want it to say about your business!

We offer 3 different types of CUSTOM LOGO SERVICES

1. New Logo Design: We design completely new logo for you, suitable to your business.

2. Improve Existing Logo: We can redesign your existing logo to make it better, the way you like.

3. Restore Old Logo: Do you have a picture of your business logo that does not look good any longer and you want to restore exactly same look but sharp and crispy? We can surely create a new, size independent soft copy for you from your picture that you will love! This will be sharp and crisp and you can expand it to any size for your print media, banners, web application or any marketing need. It will never go blurry again!

If your website order is with us, your logo design or redesign or restore is FREE!

If you would like to order your business logo design /redesign / restore service without any website package, we will charge you as per our content creation charges/time.

There are unlimited number of revisions until you are satisfied! Basically we keep working on it till you like it!

Custom Logo design / redesign / restore charge


* Custom logo creation

* Unlimited revisions until your approval

* Existing layouts/colors considered

* Any required file size and type supply

* Standard file types (jpg,png,pdf,etc.)

* 48 hours delivery

* Negligible charge for future revisons



With any website package



Without any website package

$45/hr, Min 4 hrs