PPC Advertising

PPC (pay per click) Advertising in Edmonton

Pay per click is essentially the paid marketing strategy where advertiser pays to get the visitors on the website. It is also referred as cost per click (CPC) advertising or sometimes cost per thousand impressions (CPM) advertising.

PPC, CPC or CPM essentially refer to the same advertising strategy. The ads are bidden and placed in search engines. The cost is paid if the ads are clicked ensuring that prospects actually visit your website.

What can our customers expect?

We strive for profitability of our customers! Our customer certainly will get an optimum budget management of each campaign, proper keywords and market research in terms of time and serviceability, competition analysis, various testing and confirmation cycles and as agreed upon reporting.

Our PPC management plans

We have 3 PPC plans to serve our customers, Start, Merge and Lead. None of our plan has any set up charges. We only charge a flat fee per month to manage your PPC campaigns. We also include Google account creation and/or management in “Merge” and “Lead” packages as below. Google account creation and/or management in “Start” Package is not included but is available as a separate service.


Start is the plan where we are starting out PPC campaign for a new start-up company. The company wants to test the waters before committing big budgets. Usually the spending budget on ads is up-to $3000/- per month.

Get Start Package

$379/- month

PPC Advertising 1


The plan is designed to pickup the pace. When you already have an established business and you are progressing towards your business financial goals. The usual spending budget on ads is $3000 to $10,000/- per month.

Get Merge Package

$879/- month

PPC Advertising 1


Simple as plan's name, this package is designed for the leading businesses. The expectations are maximum so the results have to the best! The company's usual spending budget on ads is $10,000 to $20,000/- per month or more.

Get Lead Package

$1279/- month

PPC Advertising 1

Starting out and want PPC right away?

Use our Starter PPC Pack with essentials of the website covered for you!

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