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Free software resources

Free resources

We have come across some really great open source (means free!) software! Idea here is to share those with our website visitors! We will keep listing the programs that are free and are reliable as these are! Just click the link below to download and enjoy!

Apache Open Office: Complete office management suite

A complete office suite that is able to do everything as a word processor, presentation, mathematics, database and more! Always free! Compare it to MS office and see for yourself!

GIMP: Image and Picture Editor and more!

Do what you like with your pictures in this open source free for everyone program!

Blender: The ultimate 3D designer software!

This opens up vast possibilities! Be patient with this program and learn if you are seriously wanting a program of this level!

Inkscape: A great illustration and designer software!

Use your designer’s imagination to make anything you like in this state of the art illustration/design software!

FileZilla: A free client and Server FTP solution!

Once ready, you are welcome to use filezilla to transfer your files and make your website live!

PageBreeze: A free WYSWYG, HTML editor!

Here is the one completely free HTML editor for you folks!

FreeOCR: A free OCR program!

You can use this free program to scan and extract text from image and pdf files!