Large Dynamic Websites

Large Dynamic Website Designing with External Data Sync in Edmonton

What is included in a Dynamic Website that includes external data sync? (Large Dynamic Website)

A large dynamic website is essentially that has thousands of pages and posts  and primarily synchronizes data from the external sources such as Amazon or a real estate data or a business directory or a newspaper website.

We allocate our disk space and bandwidth accordingly and ensure that our clients get the best resources they need.All essentials as usual, are included.

Use large dynamic website option when you are syncing external data but not selling anything online. (Not e-commerce) Examples can be a real estate website; / online booking systems add maps, surveys member accounts etc.! Or you can create a business directory website in your area!

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Pricing: $4900/- one time + $108/Month

  1. Private booking or transfer of domain
  2. Hosting account creation and set up
  3. Under construction and contact info
  4. Email account creation and set up
  5. Pictures processing for design
  6. Google map integration
  7. Google My Business claim guidance
  8. Email set up on computers and mobile devices
  9. Custom responsive website design
  10. Website testing in all browsers
  11. Website testing on all gadgets
  12. Custom design of contact form
  13. SSL installation
  14. Norton verification
  15. Logo design if required
  16. Video upload if available - 1(designing not included)
  17. Custom slideshows as required
  18. Member account creation option
  19. Self updating functionality inclusion
  20. Social media pages design and integration - 2
  21. Blog design including posts design
  22. Three starter articles in the blog
  23. Video creation for business - 2
  24. Photo gallery option
  25. Site-wide message option
  26. Speed testing and caching options
  27. Email marketing set up (Not monthly management)
  28. External data sync options

  1. Domain name
  2. Monthly hosting
  3. SSL certificate maintenance as required
  4. Email accounts back up and maintenance
  5. Regular system and safety upgrades (PHP, CMS etc)
  6. Pictures uploading (up to 45)
  7. Plugins upgrade and maintenance
  8. Website back up and maintenance
  9. Free in person /email and phone support
  10. Free yearly design upgrade
  11. Comments and testimonial moderation
  12. Member account maintenance
  13. Self updating functionality management
  14. Site-wide message maintenance
  15. Changes in slide-show as required
  16. Blog maintenance
  17. Speed management and reporting
  18. External data sync management

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