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E-Commerce Websites

We offer totally custom build eCommerce websites for you to sell products online. You can sell physical or digital goods.

$6800/- one time + $304/Month

(One time features required for all websites)
  1. Private booking or transfer of domain
  2. Hosting account creation and set up
  3. Under construction and contact info
  4. Email account creation and set up, 12 emails
  5. Pictures processing for design
  6. Google map integration
  7. Email set up on computers and mobile devices
  8. Custom responsive website design and testing
  9. Custom blog design and integration
  10. Custom slideshows as required
  11. Self updating functionality inclusion
  12. 2 Social media page design and integration
  13. Custom design of contact form
  14. External data feed integration
  15. SSL installation
  16. Norton verification
  17. Logo design if required
  18. Site-wide message option
  19. Email marketing set up (Not management)
(One time features required for eCommerce websites)
  1. PayPal Payment gateway integration with your business bank account
  2. Credit card payment gateway integration with your business bank account
  3. Product upload data creation including pictures
  4. Unlimited number of products listing
  5. Discount coupons for your online customers
  6. Initial inventory data upload
  7. Customer account creation option
  8. Customer order information email set up
  9. Customer order tracking set up
(Monthly features required for all websites)
  1. Domain name
  2. Monthly hosting
  3. SSL certificate upgrading as required
  4. Email accounts back up and maintenance
  5. Comments and testimonial moderation
  6. Self updating functionality management
  7. Site-wide message maintenance
  8. Changes in slideshow as required
  9. 2 Monthly blog articles
  10. Blog maintenance
  11. Regular system and safety upgrades (PHP, CMS etc)
  12. Pictures uploading (up to 100)
  13. Plugins upgrade and maintenance
  14. Website back up and maintenance
  15. Free in person /email and phone support
(Monthly features required for eCommerce websites)
  1. Monthly product portfolio management
  2. No limit on number of products
  3. Discount coupons for your online customers
  4. Monthly inventory management
  5. Order confirmation emails
  6. E-commerce reports and summaries

And many more eCommerce features customized for your profit!

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eCommerce is a great business model these days. it helps to cut down many business overhead costs while keeping the same profit margins. If you have got products to sell, we can make you a custom eCommerce store!

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