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FAQ about Marvel Websites and Services

Which services are provided by Marvel Websites?

Marvel Website’s core business is to provide complete custom websites for small businesses with organic SEO. Additionally, we provide;

Domain registration

Hosting services and domain security

Email marketing

Email Accounts

Custom logo design and retrieval services

Text Articles creation with pictures

Social Media Integration and Management

What is Marvel Market?

Marvel Market is our deal hub. You will find all the hot deals, promo domains and other services that we sell here. Additionally you also see listing of some very useful, free open source software.

Is MarvelWebsites.net your website?

Yes. MarvelWebsites.net is owned by Marvelwebsites.com and is a direct part of Marvel Market

Why domain advaad.com redirect to marvelwebsites.com?

It is because we own the domin.

Your hosting pricing seem to higher! For example; Hostgator is advertising at $5.95/ month?

It is purely their choice. But here is the explanation!

Hostgator want to have a 36 month payout from you to give you $5.95/month. If you compare monthly they have it $14.95 not $5.95! Then even in this price, they don’t have SSL and charge extra $1.66/month for it! Then finally renewal cost after 36 month will be $9.95/month for another 36 months!

Marvel Websites: We have no commitment from you, it is 1 month or 36 months, the price is same. Don’t forget we have SSL included in it. We also provide you in person service within Edmonton if needed. Even small changes on your websites don’t cost you hefty hourly fees!

Now we have shown you apple to apple, so you can choose wisely!

Why Marvel Market, at some instances is just taking us to another website?

All the clicks (if they do) will only take you to marvelwebsites.net which is owned by us and is a secure gateway to many more deals we offer. You are welcome to ask any question on the subject.

In which currency your dollar is?

All dollar values are in Can$ unless stated otherwise. (This is one more reason that our hosting is less pricey as compared to many other providers!)

Is there any charge to subscribe to our newsletter? Can I unsubscribe?

No. There is no charge to subscribe our newsletter. Yes. You can unsubscribe any time.

Can you share some examples of SEO where your customers are already on first page of google?

Sure! We currently have an appliances company, a tree servicing company (in multiple cities), an auto tune up company on the first page of Google. In past we had a Pizza company on first page of Google in 9 days. Currently we are working on a real estate company, a daycare company and an insurance company to bring them on first page of Google.

We can share live examples with you during our one-on-one meeting! You can text us at 780-231-7420 and we can plan it over a coffee! 🙂

What do you charge for writing a long article?

A long article is usually 700-1000 words. Please check our content creation pricing to know the exact details.

Why there are  monthly charges after charging one time payment?

In addition to set up charges and custom design charges which are covered by one time payment, there are some essential services that need to be maintained on a non-breaking, regular type of fee cycle because they are available to service providers like us on a regular monthly basis . Our web design customer can maintain monthly services through any service provider. Some of these services are domain name and registration, any additional licenses, hosting, SSL etc. ON technical side, disc space and bandwidth are monthly expenses.  Additionally, any quota overshoots, email accounts, users addition or deletion and other minor customer requests are to be managed on monthly basis.

Being so dynamic in nature, it is a best industry practice to provide complete package of services that includes one time (design and set up) and monthly charge components of the rendered services.

Can you take pictures of a location for our website project?

We provide free picture editing service with the confirmed website orders. We also provide free, generic, non-copyrighted graphics for you. If you need specific pictures/photos to use in your website, the pictures are to be provided by you as a customer. If we go on a location to take pictures for your website, there will be a charge of $ 55/hour. (Editing will still be free)

How many design changes do you allow in the website design?

For all orders, we permit one full design change from scratch but till now none of our customer has used it! (Our first drafts are liked by all of our customers 🙂 and it is surely a good sign!)

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