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FAKE: Lottery Win

Here is the old scam that your email has won the lottery!

Sender email is: <> Read the exact wording in the RED below. DO NOT RESPOND!

Dear Winner,

Your email address attached to ticket number 5-27-30-39-45 WON 850,000.00 EUROS

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Fake: International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Here is another fake/fraud! DO NOT RESPOND!

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Fake: Contact UPS Now!

This one asks to contact UPS for…well really funny! They claim they have recovered money from scam artists and want to divide it among 1000 lucky people! Hilarious! DO NOT RESPOND! IT IS A FRAUD!

Read the complete fraudulent email

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Fake Next of Kin

Here is the interesting one! They want you to become next of kin of an unknown person and give you millions of dollars! Again a fake racket! DO NOT RESPOND! In RED is their email as is!

Subject line is:

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Fake Email: Money From United Nations!

This one is claiming to be from United Nations! I have removed all the links! DO NOT RESPOND TO SUCH AN EMAIL!

UNITED NATIONS COMPENSATION UNIT IN AFFILIATION WITH Zenith Bank. Send a copy of your response to official email:

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